Check out this map on MapMyRun: 6.1 mi Mamas Day 10k
Distance: 6.2 mi

Set you personal record on the flat, fast 10K route. It is a great race for beginners as well as seasoned runners. Set a personal record or just enjoy beautiful Carrier Park and the French Broad River as you complete Asheville’s premier May 10K event, while supporting mothers in rural Tanzania.

  1. Start on Mellowdrome track close to the snack area/bathrooms
  2. One complete lap around track, exit track at door by snack building
  3. Follow path out to Hominy Creek River Park
  4. Go thru Hominy Creek parking lot do u-turn
  5. Follow greenway path back to Carrier Park, past RV park
  6. Take RIGHT onto dirt path before you get to ball fields
  7. Follow path closest to the river
  8. Go by the pavilion on path close to the river
  9. Follow path to Dog Park and French Broad River Park
  10. Loop around French Broad River Park
  11. Back on Greenway and follow to French Broad River Greenway (paved portion)
  12. Follow path closest to road/Amboy
  13. Enter the snack area/gate/door into Mellowdrome
  14. Do one lap around track
  15. Finish is before the snack area parallel to the Ice Hockey area. 6.2 miles

Mama Maisha
Goal: $750